OUR MUSHROOMS: Only the best!

After years of researching and digging into the mushroom space, we were sad to realize that the large majority of mushroom extract supplements out there are diluted and bulked up with fillers. This significantly decreases the potency + effectiveness of the end product.

No thank you. You deserve better.

Our formulation starts with certified organic mushrooms cultivated as nature intended.

Our growers have over 40 years of mushroom growing experience – they know how to produce mushroom extracts to get you the benefits you desire.

Every batch of mushrooms goes through rigorous 3rd party quality control tests to ensure purity, safety and effectiveness.

Pure and Subtle

“It tastes awesome. You guys did a phenomenal job all around! And the fact that it’s 2-3x more potent than other mushroom mixtures is incredible. We will definitely be on the monthly subscription!”

Aaron Abke