About Us

Hello! Chase + Mimi here. We are two mushroom lovers with a wild and adaptogenic love story. Relationships and mushrooms is our sweet spot (‘Ships & Shrooms’) and it is our passion for both that has led us to creating MushyLove. 

We were childhood sweethearts who married in our early twenties. After 3 years of figuring out we had nothing figured out, we actually separated and divorced, never thinking we would see each other again. We both hit physical, emotional, mental and spiritual rock bottom in 2018.

(could throw in your wedding photo)

After three years of intense self development and personal epiphanies, our new lives crossed paths organically as we had shared a passion for healing medicinal mushrooms. While we were at our personal rock bottoms, mushrooms served as healing modalities for our bodies, and it was ultimately our shared passion for them that led to our reconciliation and ultimate decision to reunite in love as life partners. So after three years apart, we officially came back together and started what we call 'Part 2’ of our relationship.

Since mushrooms were the catalyst for healing our bodies and our divorced, dead relationship, we intend to use MushyLove as a way to invite people into a lifestyle of relationship – with other human beings, of course, but also your health, your body, the planet and your purpose.

Our vision is to provide the world a delicious way to experience and enjoy the healing powers of mushrooms. MushyLove's mission is about contributing to a deep and conscious relationship with your health by gifting you a delicious and nourishing taste experience.

We believe that healing mushrooms shouldn’t taste like mud, so give yourself some MushyLove.

We also host The Medicin Podcast and are passionate about helping people proactively create deep, healthy, fulfilling partnerships supported by healthy + conscious lifestyles.