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MushyLove is the latte experience you have been looking for. It is all that you enjoy about your favorite latte, but without any artificial or disrupting sweeteners, without caffeine and made with 1 gram of non-psychedelic mushrooms. If you have had a mushroom elixir before, you might be familiar with dosages of 175mg-350mg of mushrooms. And if you looked at the ingredient list, you might see a mixture of mushroom, myceliated grains and oat or starch from the growing medium. 

MushyLove contains 500mg each of two incredible mushrooms – Chaga + Tremella. You can trust that you’re getting 100% mushroom fruiting body extract with no fillers. We wanted to provide a way for you to experience 2-3x more mushrooms than expected. 

Oh, and it tastes DELICIOUS. Like a liquid cinnamon roll! Instead of gut disrupting sweeteners, we chose to add Organic Maple Sugar, Lucuma and Elm Bark for not only extra flavor but to support digestion and add tasty, mineral-rich ingredients to your life. It is truly an expression of love for your body. So…we like to say “Mushrooms shouldn’t taste like mud, give yourself some MushyLove.”

Unique Characteristics:

  1. All organic Ingredients, gluten free, vegan, non-GMO

  2. No gut disrupting sweeteners like natural flavors, sugar alcohols and artificial flavors, not even stevia or monk fruit (for those who are sensitive)

  3. Includes 1 gram of 100% mushroom fruiting body extract, which is 2-3x times other mushroom coffees or elixirs

Product Ingredients (all organic):

  1. 500mg of Tremella Mushroom (The Beauty Mushroom) 

  2. 500mg of Chaga Mushroom (The King of Mushrooms)

  3. Coconut Milk Powder 

  4. Gluten Free Oat Milk Powder

  5. Lucuma Powder  

  6. Slippery Elm Bark Powder   

  7. Cinnamon 

  8. Maple Sugar 

  9. Sea Salt