What does it taste like?

  • We describe the taste as a liquid cinnamon roll! Slightly earthy, and sweetened lightly with a dash of organic maple sugar.

What are some creative ways to use MushyLove?

  • MushyLove is super delicious on its own with hot water or ideally your favorite steamed milk. We also use it as a coffee creamer for a real cinnamon roll latte! Add a scoop to your morning oatmeal. Sneak some into your family’s pancake batter. Add it to a smoothie. We’ve even sprinkled it on buttered sourdough toast!

What are the benefits?

  • Two mushrooms, Chaga + Tremella are the stars of the MushyLove show. Chaga (nicknamed ‘The King of Mushrooms’) is well documented as one of the richest sources of antioxidants in nature. It supports a robust immune system, digestion + gut health. Chaga is also great for healthy eyes, skin + hair because it contains more superoxide dismutase, zinc and melanin than just about any other single source in nature. These compounds help protect the body against premature aging and solar radiation.
  • Tremella does not get the recognition she deserves. Nicknamed ‘The Beauty Mushroom’ and for good reason! Tremella has traditionally been used as an anti-aging ingredient because of its powerful hydration properties. It can hold up to 500x its weight in water! This helps the skin stay soft and supple. In addition, Tremella also stimulates the production of superoxide dismutase, an enzyme that helps protect the body against free radicals and premature aging. Tremella has also been used in traditional Chinese medicine to treat chest congestion and asthma.

Where are the mushrooms grown?

  • We are completely open to the fact that our mushrooms come from China as this is a very important issue that many people do not fully understand. China produces over 85% of the world’s mushrooms and has a rich history of mushroom use as the birthplace of mushroom cultivation, beginning as early as the 12th century. It is one of the only places you can obtain pure organic mushroom extracts for supplement use.
  • It is one of the only places because it is not economically feasible to grow mushrooms for supplements in North America. We wish this were an option but it’s not if you want 100% pure, undiluted mushrooms. The mushroom growing economics do not work for supplements. This is why if you see “U.S. Grown” on any mushroom product, they are telling you that it was made from grain based mycelium and not pure mushrooms.
  • We use only pure mushroom fruiting bodies. No grain based fillers.
  • Everything starts with certified organic mushrooms cultivated sustainably as nature intended.
  • Our growers have over 40 years of mushroom growing experience – they know the optimal ways to produce mushroom extracts to get you the benefits you deserve.
  • Every batch of mushrooms goes through rigorous quality control tests to ensure purity, safety and effectiveness.

How much caffeine?

  • None.

Can I drink while pregnant or nursing?

  • +This is a personal decision. We recommend you discuss with your trusted integrative health practitioner.

Does it break my fast?

  • Most research shows that to receive the benefits of fasting it is recommended to stay under 50 calories. MushyLove contains about 40 calories, so if you mix with water, it should not impact your fasting. Made with steamed milk, that would obviously increase depending on your milk of choice.

Do you provide samples?

  • We do not provide samples, however we do giveaways all the time on The Medicin Podcast. Check it out at www.themedicin.com!